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Bring your entire team into a single visual workspace.

PlanToBuild is designed for fast, effective project management, with innovative tools to access project data and improve productivity.

Seamless communication
Add stakeholders, suppliers, and team members for effectively managing projects.

Project organization
Contacts, tasks, project information, schedules, quality control templates, element tracking in one area.

File managememt
Upload, organize, share, collaborate, and annotate documents.

More to come
We're adding new features to improve workflow.
From managing budgets to proactive risk assessment, from managing schedules to delivering projects ahead of time, PlanToBuild guides your project management.
Stay on top

Staying up to date with the progress of your project. Become aware of issues before they happen with tasks and schedules. With just a few clicks, you can manage each part of your project.
On the go
With PlanToBuild on your smartphone and tablet, you can view, share, annotate and markup documents on the go. You can pull up your project information to show business associates how work is going without needing your computer.
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